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Last updated: 14:49 GMT, 18 February 2021

Facebook news ban: Australian PM says 'tech giants think they're bigger than governments'

#DeleteFacebook was trending today as fury at the firm's decision to ban news in Australia spread globally (left), with US politician David Cicilline - who leads a committee responsible for regulating tech firms - saying site is 'not compatible with democracy'. Tens of thousands of social media users took to rival Twitter to vent their anger and call for a boycott after the ban came into force (right), inadvertently knocking down sites including government health pages sharing news about Covid, along with charities, food banks, missing persons pages, emergency services and domestic violence shelters. Facebook (CEO Mark Zuckerberg pictured centre) says it took the decision rather than comply with new laws due to be passed this week which would force it to pay for news content hosted on the site. The law would be a world-first, but Facebook fears the idea could catch on in other countries, with similar rules under consideration in the UK, the EU and US.

Coronavirus travel: Quarantine guest makes dash for freedom through Heathrow hotel foyer

EXCLUSIVE: A British father-of-one tried to break out of a quarantine hotel near London Heathrow Airport this morning and has gone on hunger strike after claiming he is being held there 'under duress', MailOnline can reveal. Anthony Pium (right), 30, from Leyton, East London, was involved in an angry confrontation with security guards as he tried to force his way out of the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel (centre) 'to get some fresh air'. An exclusive video filmed by Mr Pium shows him being forced back into the hotel (left). Security guards surrounded him and pushed him back as he asked to be allowed out for some air and repeatedly told them to social distance. It comes after new rules introduced on Monday mean people arriving in England must quarantine in a hotel for ten days at a cost of £1,750 if they have been to a country with a high Covid risk, such as Portugal or Brazil. But Mr Pium today told MailOnline of his anguish of been detained at Heathrow last night, after he flew in from Sao Paulo, where he was working for his travel agency Sky Fly Travel.

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Pfizer has not delivered 10million doses of its Covid-19 vaccine to the EU, due in December, in the latest blow to the bloc which also had delays from AstraZeneca and Moderna.

The APPG on Coronavirus wants the UK Government to follow France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark, which have formally recognised Covid as an 'occupational disease'.

Stephen Reed had attempted to make up with the former Voice of an Angel child star, 34, who he walked out on when she was just two, but was unable to it was revealed on Wednesday.

Sadiq Khan wants a LONGER lockdown: Mayor of London demands Boris Johnson reject calls from Tory MPs for swift easing of national rules - despite experts saying PM can move faster and infection rates halving every two weeks

Sadiq Khan today risked the wrath of anti-lockdown Tory MPs and hospitality bosses as he demanded Boris Johnson reject calls for a swift easing of national curbs. The Mayor of London urged the Prime Minister to ignore 'shouting and hectoring' from Conservative backbenchers as he prepares to unveil his exit roadmap on Monday. Mr Khan said Mr Johnson must 'learn the lessons of the mistakes made in the past' when the Government has previously eased lockdown. Mr Johnson has said his roadmap will?be 'based firmly on a cautious and prudent approach' to ease restrictions in 'such a way as to be irreversible'. But many Tory MPs are adamant that the success of the nation's vaccination drive should allow the PM to lift rules quickly.

Social Care Minister Helen Whately today hinted postcode lockdowns will be imposed by the Government to stop the spread of dangerous coronavirus variants when national curbs are eased.

The number of Britons making financial plans for after they die saw a huge increase in 2020, according to new figures. We explain how to write yours - and what happens if you don't.

Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins today confirmed all new starters at his £50million business would have to take a Covid jab to get a job.

The St James Quarter project construction site in Edinburgh has been hit by a Covid outbreak with 11 positive cases and 50 people sent home to self- isolate - amid claims of no masks or social distancing.

Glasgow man, 35, charged over 'offensive' Captain Tom Moore tweet

Joseph Kelly, 35, (pictured left and right) from Castlemilk in Glasgow, allegedly tweeted on February 3:?'The only good Brit soldier is a deed one, burn auld fella, buuuuurn.' He was later charged under the Communications Act 2003. The move sparked an outcry led by Laurence Fox, who questioned why police were using the legal system?to prosecute 'idiots who tweet idiotic things', as he urged everyone to 'protect free speech, even if you don't agree with what's being said'.

UK health officials will decide this week if those arriving from Spain and the US should isolate for ten days in one of the 16 quarantine hotels in an effort to stop the mutant variants from spreading.

Father-of-two, 29, runs off with his girlfriend's MOTHER, 44

Jess Aldridge, 24,?was expecting her second child with boyfriend Ryan Shelton, 29, when the pair decided to form a support bubble with her mother Georgina, 44, and her husband Eric at their £270,000 semi-detached home in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire. Pictured left: Ms Aldridge (middle) with her boyfriend, Mr Shelton (right) and Ms Aldridge's mother, Georgina, who Ryan began a relationship with. Also pictured on the right: Ms Aldridge with her mother.

'Is Hugh Bonneville living in filterland?!': Downton Abbey star mystifies The One Show viewers with 'weird' airbrushed face

Hugh Bonneville looked unrecognisable during an appearance on The One Show on Wednesday night as he appeared via a video link with a 'weird' filtered face.? The 57-year-old actor's flawless appearance drew attention from viewers as they watched him talk about the film To Olivia, in which he plays Roald Dahl.? Fans soon took to Twitter to comment on Hugh's appearance, with some joking he he had been in a 'space time vortex from the 1980s', while others said it looked like he had smeared his screen with vaseline.?

Facebook has been fighting a class-action lawsuit against a small business owner over allegations it knowingly overstated its 'potential reach metric'.

The Silicon Valley giant pocketed Beijing's cash to promote articles downplaying what Washington has described as a genocide in Xinjiang, according to an investigation.

The tragic schoolgirl victim of UK's first 'honour killing'

Heshu Yones was 16 when she had her throat slit by her strict Kurdish Muslim father, Abdalla Yones, at their family home in Acton, west London, in October 2002. In BBC podcast series Life Chances , journalist and former classmate Athar Ahmad explores how Heshu's sense of freedom and personal expression was fostered by their school, Acton High, but that this same sense of self eventually led to her murder.

Sicily Hunston, 20, bit one policeman on the arm and hurled foul mouthed abuse at his three colleagues during a drink-fuelled fit of rage in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

The founder of the Race Trust, Aysha Khanom, faced a furious backlash after a tweet from the charity branded mixed-race Tory Calvin Robinson, who is of Afro-Caribbean descent, a 'house n***o'.

The sculptor, who was one of the museum's trustees from 2007 to 2015, also called for the institution to detach from its 'obsession with the classical world'. Pictured: The Elgin Marbles.

Couple turn a £2,500 London double-decker bus into a luxury home

Charlie MacVicar, 26, and boyfriend Luke Walker, 27, spent £15,000 renovating a 544-square foot bus into an open plan home, parked in Essex, and insist they have more space than if they lived in a cramped flat. After buying the bus for £2,500 in 2017, they ripped out the upstairs seating (inset) to create a bedroom and dressing area (to left and right) with a bath that had to be lifted in through an emergency window. Downstairs, there's a fully fitted kitched and workspace, and the couple have outdoor seating and access to half an acre of land (bottom left).

US-based website Omegle, a rival to Chatroulette, facilitates private chat sessions between strangers, putting its young users at risk. It has seen a surge in UK users over the last year.

This latest green project in London's eco-drive will turn three-quarters of a mile of tracks turned into a 'park in the sky' that stretches across the trendy borough 26ft above the ground.

Woman is convinced her husband is cheating after noticing a VERY suspicious item in a mirror selfie he sent her from a hotel room - but can YOU spot it?

US TikTok user @shesough (left) shared two pictures of her husband taken in the bathroom of his hotel room (right), and says she immediately spotted the women's hair straighteners on the side. Explaining the events she wrote:?'My husband sent me pics trying to look all cute in his suite at the casino, but I noticed some odd things, now he is single. Can you guess what it is?' The video has been watched over 4 million times?and has accumulated more than 13,000 comments.

Donald Trump on Wednesday spoke for the first time since leaving the White House, giving interviews to Newsmax, OAN and Fox News. The phone calls were pre-recorded amid law suits.

Teacher who goes dumpster diving reveals that she lived for two months on grub salvaged

Eco warrior íde Mhic Gabhann, 39, (left) from Dublin, was horrified by the idea of perfectly good food being thrown away and started going through supermarket dumpsters weekly to rescue fruit, vegetables, meat, ready meals and even fancy chocolates (top right). She says that 'freeganism' - the practice of reclaiming and eating discarded food - adds up money-wise too, with her two months of bin diving in February 2019 and February 2020 saving her around £700.

Mother spent four years turning a hoarder hovel with waste up to her hip into a family

Ciara Sowers, 32, from Alberta, wanted to inhabit her grandmother's house, but found it had been rented by a hoarder. She spent hours getting rid of the waste the person left behind to do the house up. Ciara, a mother-of-two (inset) spent four years turning the house from a hoarding nightmare (pictured top row), to a family home with a cosy living room and bedrooms for her daughters (pictured bottom row).

Swiss researchers gave volunteers three 150 mg servings of caffeine a day for 10 days - a caffeine intake equating to about four small cups of brewed coffee a day, or seven single espressos.

A mozzie expert has revealed the unexpected reason the bitey bugs are more attracted to some people than others. The professor told NSW Health the reason has nothing to do with 'sweet blood'.

Coroner's warning after British father suffocated when snorkel mask restricted his

John Bazzoni bought a Gofun diving mask which claimed to be 'anti-fog' and 'anti-leak' on Amazon ahead of his trip to see his daughter Nicola Roman in Western Australia for Christmas in 2017. But during a snorkeling trip to Lady Nora Island with his son-in-law Sean Roman, a police officer, on New Year's Eve, the 56-year-old, from Andover, Hampshire, got into difficulties. Water entered the decorator's mask and it became fogged up. Mr Roman and his colleague Simon Harrison 'admirably' tried to rescue Mr Bazzoni - but the mask restricted his supply of oxygen and when he was pulled aboard a boat he was 'foaming at the mouth' and colourless. Coroner Jason Pegg said there are 'concerns globally' that such full-face masks do not allow exhaled air to be purged through normal breathing, leading to a build-up of carbon dioxide. A post-mortem examination showed Mr Bazzoni died of hypoxia - oxygen deprivation - with a secondary cause of cardiovascular disease.

The UK upmarket retailer's range which will be launched across the next few weeks, also includes a white chocolate Hedwig and a chilli cheese hot cross bun.

Boxer Chris Eubank breaks down on Piers Morgan's Life Stories as he apologises to Michael Watson - 30 years after their devastating fight left him disabled?

Chris Eubank breaks down and weeps remembering the fight that almost killed his opponent Michael Watson - moments before his former rival surprises him to say 'I love you Chris. Let's move on'. The pair were reunited as Eubank, 54, discusses the boxing match?30 years ago that saw Watson put into a?40-day coma and?blinded, wheelchair-bound and at first unable to talk. Watson had been left with the brain injury after Eubank delivered an uppercut in the ring, causing him to fall back and hit the back of his head against the ropes. He made an incredible recovery after six operations to treat a blood clot that had former on his brain. Watson stunned?audience members watching?Piers Morgan's Life Stories on Eubank as he appeared on the show, which airs tonight.

Dr Fran Sanders, 47, from Bournemouth, was struck off the GP register over the 'blatant disregard for professional norms' after starting a relationship with a patient of seven years and prescribing him drugs.

?'Seven minutes of terror': NASA's $2.2billion Perseverance rover will endure 2,370F temperatures as it travels 12,000mph through Mars' atmosphere before screeching to a halt using a 'supersonic parachute' and landing on the surface TODAY

The descent of the $2.2billion car-sized spacecraft will be live streamed by NASA from 2:15 pm ET (7:15pm GMT) and will show Perseverance trying to endure the so-called 'seven minutes of terror'. This refers to the tumultuous conditions which batter the craft as it enters the Martian atmosphere and approaches the surface. Temperatures are expected to exceed 2,000°F and a supersonic parachute will be deployed to try and slow the rover down from its entry speed of around 12,000mph. Perseverance, if all goes to plan, will touch down?at the base of an 820-foot-deep (250 meters) crater called Jezero, a former lake which was home to water 3.5 billion years ago.

People reveal the fashion items they're glad didn't become trends

People from around the world have contributed the worst fashion designs they've spotted to a gallery on Diply. Pictured top left to right: An unfortunately positioned sunflower, bridal dress made from hair and denim sandals. Pictured bottom left to right: Denim face masks, trousers with mysterious brown stains and a very visible zip.

Mr LeGrange, 48, is using taxpayers' hand-outs to pay some of the 65 staff at his upmarket clothes firm, Huntsman, which he bought in 2014 after his £160m divorce from Catherine Anspach.

Researchers from Harvard University found that those infected with the new variant were ill for 13 days compared with eight days after contracting the old strain.



Engineers lay out parts of WWII Lancaster bomber like a giant AIRFIX model

The aircraft, named Just Jane, is three years into a ten-year restoration at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre in East Kirkby, Lincolnshire, which will see it return to the skies to add to the two remaining bombers which are still flying. Before it can fly again, each part of the four-engined plane needs to be stripped-down, checked, repaired or re-built so a certificate of airworthiness can be issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. Some 7,377 Lancasters (one shown inset in 1942) had carried out more than 150,000 missions by the end of the Second World War -including the supremely audacious Dambuster Raids of 1943. They had also dropped more than 600,000 tons of bombs on the enemy, a feat unequalled by any other plane. The men who flew them had the most perilous posting of the war - Bomber Command - and 3,249 aircraft and their crews would be lost in action. During the summer months Just Jane is used for ground displays and taxiing passengers around a former RAF airfield in Lincolnshire. But every winter, as part of the £4million project, different sections of the Lancaster are restored. This year it's the huge tail and rear fuselage (pictured top right) that's being worked on. Pictured bottom left: One of the plane's Rolls-Royce engines. Bottom right: The cockpit.

The Loganair plane was flying over the North Sea to the Shetland Islands before it was turned back and returned to Aberdeen Airport. Loganair say the decision was due to an engine fault alert.

Jeremy McKenzie, 55, verbally abused his partner?- named only as Dr A -?on a 'daily basis'. He was a consultant in Head and Neck Surgery at William Harvey Hospital, Kent.

Tristan and Blake Barrass, 13 and 14, were killed by parents Sarah Barrass and Brandon Machin - who are half brother and sister - in May 2019 at the now-demolished house in?Shiregreen, Sheffield.

NEW Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, celebrity stylists Rochelle White and Lucas Armitage advised pairing hoodies with a mac to create a 'layered look' and to opt for colour to add personality to a look.

Nissan unveils its new Sunderland-built Qashqai costing from £22k

Marking the arrival of the new third-generation SUV, bosses said Nissan's 35 years of car-building in Britain meant it had become part of the UK way of life and was proud to celebrate its 'Britishness'. The new Qashqai was conceived at Nissan's European Design Centre in Paddington, West London, and engineered at its European engineering centre in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, before being manufactured in the North East of England, they pointed out. Prices are expected between £22,000 to £32,000 with first deliveries from summer.?Here's everything you need to know about the latest version of Britain's best-selling SUV for over a decade...

WARNING: DISTRESSING FOOTAGE Reporter Diego Ordinola and his cameraman were held up by a gunman during a live broadcast outside the Estadio Monumental in Guayaquil.

The two-year-old British Shorthair, Fu Fu, supposedly wept while hearing his owner calling his name through the home monitor, said his owner who lives in the Chinese city of Xuzhou.

Robbie Curtis, 22, was found dead in woodland near Canterbury in August. His mother has called for more mental health support for students and fears that he was pushed to the brink by lockdown.

Arconic did not investigate the use of?polyethylene (PE) in architecture after a fire ripped through the Millennium Building in Bucharest in 2009 because the blaze had 'only affected the outside'.

Britain's most stunning views: Vistas of Loch Ness and Windermere voted most picturesque

NEW The most picturesque views in the UK according to experts in the matter - Britons - are of Loch Ness and Windermere. Researchers asked the British public to vote for the views that inspire, delight and excite them the most and Loch Ness and Windermere came joint top with 27 per cent of the vote each. The London Eye came second with 26 per cent, while the Tower of London, St Ives Bay in Cornwall and Ingleton in the Yorkshire were joint third with 24 per cent of the vote.

A safe belonging to former prisoner of war Len Parry, 100, was stolen as he recovered in Bradford Royal Infirmary following a fall. The safe contained about £3,000 he kept for emergencies and gifts.

The woman was 'snatched' on Clarence Road in Peterborough late last night. Passersby watched as the blonde victim was bundled into a silver people-carrier and driven away by two men.

Jilted father-to-be Akash Manzoor, 21, who shared revenge porn pictures of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and said he hoped she would have a miscarriage, has been jailed at Minshull Street Crown Court.

Rita Ora dons traditional dress to celebrate Kosovo Independence Day

Rita Ora celebrated Kosovo Independence Day on Wednesday as she posed in traditional clothing to mark the annual occasion. The singer, 30, took to Instagram and shared a series of snaps in her garment which she wore for her recent Big music video. The musician?was born in Pristina in the former?Yugoslavia to Albanian parents, who relocated to London a year after Rita was born?due to the persecution of Albanians.??

Mark Higham, 60, died after choking on a piece of steak while out for a romantic meal with his wife Lynne at Gallimore's Fine Restaurant, Wigan.

In this era of ultra-low, or even negative, borrowing costs, it's easy to see why governments are so willing to borrow unimaginable quantities of 'free' money to fund their spending ambitions.

'Gorilla Glue girl' says she styled hair with industrial glue for a date after running out

NEW Tessica Brown, 40, (pictured) from Violet, Louisiana, said she sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue after her hairspray ran out because she wanted to look good for a date with her fiancé. She went viral after she posted a Tiktok video (right) in which she explained she had been left with rigid, immovable locks for more than a month. The mother-of-five has also claimed her GoFundMe page (inset), where she has raised over $23,000 in donations to help her following her ordeal, is under investigation for fraud and has been frozen.

JLR currently employs around 40,000 people. It was forced to cut 1,000 jobs last summer due to losses brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking exclusively to FEMAIL, Dame Esther Rantzen added she takes the belief that she'll 'never die' ahead of a tear-jerking new programme, where she revealed she refuses to talk about her death.

A man in his 20s has been captured in South Korea after swimming for six hours and crawling through a drain pipe to reportedly defect from North Korea.

Luiza Rozova - a 17-year-old also known as Elizaveta Krivonogikh - refused to confirm or deny she is the Kremlin strongman's heiress. But she said she enjoyed being in the 'limelight'.

VW flies through air and smashes into parked vehicles after speeding across junction and colliding with another car in heartstopping footage

The white VW Golf shoots through a junction where it is struck by a car travelling?at a right angle to it in Bradford, West Yorkshire damaging at least five vehicles. The impact caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the cars.

Britons are at risk of paying over the odds on their house purchases, with 30 per cent of homeowners failing to negotiate on their current property. We explain how to do it successfully

Lenders have launched 117 new 10% deposit mortgages since the beginning of the year - but first-time buyers still have far fewer options than they did pre-pandemic.

Conversations with Friends viewers can expect VERY racy sex scenes in the style of Normal

Joe Alwyn, 29, and Jemima Kirke, 35, who have both stripped off for racy scenes in the past, will star as mysterious and sexy couple Nick and Melissa in the new adaption of Irish author Sally Rooney's Conversations with Friends (pictured left, Joe with his girlfriend Taylor Swift, and right, Jemima). Jemima rose to fame in the smash hit series Girls, which was known for its no holds barred nudity and adult themes (bottom main). Meanwhile 29-year-old Joe's first big flick Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk saw him embark on a steamy scene with co-star Makenzie Leigh (top main). The novel is packed full of racy moments which will set viewers hearts thumping and will likely follow in the footsteps of Rooney's Normal People, which wowed viewers with its?intimate, realistic sex scenes.

Glenn Armstrong, 61, who at one time had an enviable portfolio of 200 properties worth £30million across MIlton Keynes has been decalared bankrupt with 25 creditors and debts amounting to £4million.

Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the UK-based woman said her fashion-loving son has saved £200 worth of pocket money and her partner thinks he should be able to spend it however he likes.

I sold a jacket on eBay for £414. The buyer paid but then sent a return request. The money was taken back out of my account and the buyer kept the jacket, returning an old jumper instead.

Luxury sailing holidays: The best boats for the Med, including the one owned by Roland

Ask friends what they want from a holiday right now and they'll most likely tell you it's a chance to escape, a sense of freedom and an opportunity to push the boat out when it comes to budget. A luxurious sailing holiday, where you don't have to lift a finger except to raise a glass or turn the pages of a book, ticks all those boxes, and would be an indulgent reward after months of self-catering at home. Sometimes we just need a jolly good dose of rest and recuperation in the sun, enjoying time spent relaxing with old friends or favourite family. And by taking a whole boat for your own social bubble, there is no need to make any effort with new people or foreign languages - or trim sails, either. Here we round-up the best luxury sailing holidays for large groups, from a trip on the romantic Satori (top left) to an odyssey to volcanic Vulcano (top right), and from a voyage to Minorca (bottom right) to a jaunt to Paxos (bottom left).

A busy mum has revealed how she got rid of over 20 years of built-up grime from her leather couch - and she got great results in seconds.

Andreea, 26, from Salisbury in Wiltshire, as told during a check-up when she was 14, that she had a very rare condition called uterus didelphys - meaning she has two vaginas and two wombs.

A mum-of-two from Melbourne has revealed how you can elevate your charcuterie board and take it to the next level, by making salami roses, strawberry hearts and a variety of cheeses.

Arabèlla Luciá Clocherty-Kernachan, a five-months-old baby from Renfrew, Scotland, was born with a generous mane that equally shocked and delighted her doting mother Jennifer, 24.

Candid photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono  exploring New York in 1971 emerge for sale for

A rare contact sheet of candid photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono exploring New York City in the 1970s has emerged for sale. The Beatle and his artist wife are seen posing in front of a statue at a park (right) in one of the throwback black and white images. In others they also take turns listening to the ground using a stethoscope (centre and left). The 20ins by 16ins sheet features 12 pictures taken by celebrated British photographer Iain MacMillan in 1971.

The new plans will be set out in a new Electoral Integrity Bill which will be announced in the Queen's speech in spring in a bid to get rid of electoral fraud.

Entrepreneurs often get their business idea from a personal experience and these are no exception. They created their brands to help loved ones with health conditions and now they're helping others.

Zebra rears helplessly in doomed bid to escape pride of lions feasting on it as it still

Dramatic pictures, captured by photographer Peter Geraerdts, show the 880-pound zebra rearing and kicking helplessly in a desperate attempt to escape from being eaten alive by a pride of eight lions at the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. One of them proceeded to bite down on the zebra's neck, forcing the poor creature to lie there, as the blood-soaked lions devoured it all within 30 minutes.

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Bears beg tourists for food at Thai zoo declared 'hell on Earth for animals' where tigers and other animals have been left emaciated during Covid lockdown?

A vet dispatched by the government said the animals were thin because they were being kept in cramped enclosures and were left fighting over scraps of food at the?Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Bangkok. People found bears in tiny enclosures rocking back-and-forth, emaciated tigers and cattle, crocodiles swimming in filthy water and orangutans desperately reaching out for food behind bars. Regular visitors believe the zoo failed to keep its animals well fed and looked after during lockdown because it was not making money.

Amy Kester gives her verdict on a selection of the best boots to look stylish in during the chilly winter months. She was impressed by the Muck Boot Company and Le Chameau's choices.

Brave surgeons at the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital put their arms down the mouth of the crocodile, named?Anuket, to recover the shoe she had swallowed.

Moment brazen bike thief uses ANGLE GRINDER to cut through security lock outside Manchester University?

A brazen thief sends sparks flying as he uses an angle grinder to steal a bicycle in broad daylight, much to the shock of passers-by. The man, seen standing between two other bikes, was caught on video as he worked to free the two-wheeled machine in Oxford Road near Manchester University. As he calmly sawed through the metal several people stopped to watch him at work but no one made any attempt to stop the crime.


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Moment Texan dog owner plunges into his freezing swimming pool to rescue pet who fell through the ice as the state is gripped by sub zero temperatures

This is the moment Christi the Australian Shepherd dog made its way onto the frozen surface of a swimming pool in Southlake, Texas, shortly before it was rescued by owner Dan Holmes. Mr Holmes made his way into the cold water to help his pet to safety.

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews BBC2's Inside the Zoo and Wartime Britain: Keep Calm & Carry On on Channel 5 in which a family attempt to recreate life under rationing.

This is the moment?Sofia Shafigullin, seven, was filmed by her father Eduard, 36, at his ostrich farm in Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia.

Chinese bomb disposal rookie undergoes training as huge fireball erupts behind him?

Striking pictures have emerged showing the Chinese military's bomb disposal team carrying out an intense training session. In one of the images, a courageous technician, donning a full-face helmet and protective clothing, appears to hold an explosive device while a giant fireball erupts behind him. The military exercise aimed to improve the 'technical and tactical levels' of the servicemen from the mobile detachment the People's Armed Police of Guangxi, reported state newspaper People's Daily. All attendees were the troop's bomb disposal specialists, the report said.



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